Puli: PHP's Next Package Revolution


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Anonymous at 13:44 on 6 Nov 2015

Bernhard clearly knows his content. His talk was fast-paced and informative. Colourful slides supported his explanation of this new toolkit, from problem-to-solution. He speaks with confidence and small touches of humour.

I'm intrigued by the potential of puli, and I think it could be a handy tool for some future projects. I look forward to where it goes.

I also look forward to future talks presented by Bernhard.

Interesting topic, and great speaker!

love hearing about an interesting project from the creator, and bernhard delivered the content well. enjoyed the talk and looking forward to experimenting with the project.

Bernhard's enthusiasm for Puli is contagious. I'm excited to gain a deeper knowledge of the tool. Thanks for your work on this tool and the excellent talk.

I am excited about the potential of Puli now. Great talk.