Stop making the user wait! Job queues to the rescue


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Would have been good to see a demo, or a video of a busy set of queues working. It might have benefitted from an architectural diagram.

Otherwise, very interesting. Thank you.

My only complaint is that you may want to pace yourself a bit more. Otherwise great talk. Thanks!

Appreciated the brief overview of Disque and queuing concepts in general, as well as some gotchas to look out for and some of the problems that Disque can solve.

Anonymous at 15:02 on 6 Nov 2015

Accurately outlined foundation concepts every developer starting with queues should know, together with cases needing implementation and special attention. Code snippets were clear and showed how messaging worked syntactically. Pace was good naturally flowing from one concept to the other.

Content wise, examples felt too far removed from implementation. Snippets are torn out of context where inexperienced user would not have appreciation of where in the project does the code fit. No mention of integration patterns architecture that is needed to address that. Finally, there is a contradictory disconnect between the presentation title and example. Titled "stop making the user wait", emphasis on acknowledgement of messages from processes that take long time process and retry if fail did not make sense. An appropriate technique to handle this should have been discussed or make the title more fitting.

Anonymous at 21:13 on 8 Nov 2015

I wasn't familiar with job queues before this talk. I learned a lot and felt that this is something that I could implement in applications that I'm currently working on.