Stronger Than Fear: Mental Health in the Developer Community


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Anonymous at 10:53 on 7 Nov 2015

Thought-provoking with plenty of calls to action

Awesome and inspiring, as always. So proud of Ed for having the courage to talk about this and pave the way for others to talk about it, too.

Anonymous at 11:02 on 7 Nov 2015

I saw your talk here last year and I was very impressed on how far this talk has become! The slides were very well done, and your talk was very well put together! I love the OSMI logo. I really enjoyed seeing the graph data this time around it is a real eye opener on where we stand now in the community.

Thanks for putting yourself out there to bring this topic out in the open.

What a great talk to raise awareness and promote dialog surrounding mental illness. Thank you! Again, thank you for mentioning mindfulness it has helped me a great deal with my anxiety (along with leaving a toxic work place and joining a terrific new team at a new organization). I will definitely check out that app "Stop, breathe, think".

Very inspiring talk. Thank you for doing it.

Anonymous at 14:08 on 7 Nov 2015

I am glad you have the courage to talk about these things and open up the floor for others as well.

It must take a lot of effort to stand up and talk about this stuff, but it's so important and it's so inspiring. Thanks again.

I was fortunate to see this talk one of the first times you gave it at Tek, this is the first time I've seen it since then; awesome talk. You're a strong, courageous, compassionate guy and that came through in this talk. I'll never forget the encouragement and help that you gave me a year ago. Honored to know you and call you a friend.

Thank you for your courage and compassion. You're doing important work and inspiring us to come together to make positive change for ourselves and our community.

Anonymous at 21:23 on 8 Nov 2015

I thought this was a great talk. It was well planned out and Ed was a great speaker. I thought it was very courageous of Ed to talk about his own experiences with mental illness.

Excellent job Ed! Our community was/still is in desperate need of such talks! up front and to the point...Keep up the good work fella!

Great topic that I can relate too. Glad to see Ed getting it out there so that more people can talk about it.

What else is there to say...important subject talked about with the amount of passion it deserves. A+.

This was the talk I was most excited about prior to the conference and probably my favorite. Well presented with lots of great statistics and practical action items. Since the talk I've gotten in touch with my manager, who reached out to HR, and the ball is rolling on getting more official policies in place. I'm also signed up for mental health training in January! Super inspiring and awesome talk.