The Neuroscience & Psychology Behind Open Source Communities


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really enjoyed the overview. elizabeth is an expert speaker, seems passionate about this important topic, and the slides were both really well done and really helped the speaker convey a lot of information in the finite time allotted. Looking forward to the next talk in this series ;)

I'm a sucker for anything related to the brain and neuroscience, so seeing these topics discussed in relation to open source software development I knew this was a must-see talk for me. And Liz did not disappoint. The talk was engaging, entertaining and well-researched.

Fantastic talk by a wonderfully engaged speaker! Content definitely applies far beyond the OSS community, too.

Good despite Michelangelo heckling :-)

Great talk, and thank you for including the references!

Superb, so much to think about and there's definitely a blog post brewing about this somewhere. Thanks Liz.

I love all of your footnotes! The talk was clearly super well researched. Engaging and fun to listen to, and I thought you handled questions and comments throughout the talk very gracefully. I really liked the structuring also, where you start on the individual level and then gradually branch out to communities and online communities. It made a lot of sense and felt organic. I was kind of hoping to hear some concrete strategies on handling interactions in communities, but as you said that's probably a whole other talk so that's fine. Great talk, thanks!