Voodoo PHP


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Good fun seeing wicked syntax and php engine quirks applied in creative ways.

Anonymous at 16:19 on 6 Nov 2015



Anonymous at 10:52 on 7 Nov 2015

The presentation wasn't what I expected. Seeing how much the presenter knows about PHP, I think his expertise would have best used on another topic.

Pretty cool to see Marco use and abuse PHP - even though there wasn't a lot of practical information to take away from the talk (which was by design) - I did pick up a better understanding of the language and Reflection API. Interesting talk, I would have liked to see a couple more examples of abuse, but it was a good talk and the delivery, pace, tone was spot on.

Hey Matt! I wish I had more time for more examples, but we got really close to 60 minutes :-(

I will beef it up with more libraries.

You can check https://github.com/Ocramius/voodoo-php/tree/gh-pages/examples if you want to dig further into the topic :-)

Fun talk! Learned about a bunch of stuff nobody should be doing.

I thought the voodoo intro was fun, and good humor throughout!

I think I missed the transition from "magic things to avoid" to "libraries doing magic things" so I was confused for a bit (I probably zoned out for a second because it's really clear in your slides).

I thought all the examples of the libraries were great, but it felt a little repetitive after awhile - "here's annnoother library!" - and they started running together, so I think mixing up the structure might have helped me a little.

Also thanks for introducing me to 3v4l.org!