Why I love/hate AngularJS


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Good presentation to warn users of pitfalls of the framework. Useful code walkthrough.
However, I feel there is wrong attitude being promoted. A lot of the problems Chris blamed framework for seemed as design negligence, not doing due diligence to the process. Any good language, framework, or technique can be used in harmful ways.

Good talk, but definitely geared more towards those that have experience with Angular. I found myself somewhat lost a good portion of the time, just because I don't have any experience beyond another Angular talk at a conference last year. I don't fault the speaker for that, but would have liked to have known up front that it wasn't geared towards the beginner.

Informative and fun talk. I especially liked the real-time Rx (reactive extensions) portion of the talk. I had no idea that I could use angular.js that cleanly without being forced to use their 2-way data bindings!

Anonymous at 18:43 on 15 Nov 2015

The speaker kept the audience engaged by keeping the talk fun and lighthearted. Although my experience with AngularJS was very limited, I felt they were able to clearly get their message across and explain the strengths and weaknesses of using the language.