Zero to API with Lumen


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Amanda brought some great information about API design, the value of APIs, and a number of important best practices.

Given that this was also a workshop, I offer the following suggestions:

I would have found it helpful to see a completed working example before we started, just as a frame of reference.

And a participant guide would have been helpful for me too. I noticed a few people got lost for various technical reasons, and a guide would have given them a way to catch up without waiting for someone to change back a few slides.
For example, another workshop I attended provided an online guide (gitbook) for each step of the workshop, which allowed everyone to work at their own pace, even if that pace had to vary from what the instructor was at. Here's a link to the guide:
And a blog post about how they developed the guide:
At one point they also provided a github repo with all the chapters broken into branches so participants could jump to a completed step in case they'd gotten lost due to lacking unrelated skillsets.

Amanda is knowledgeable and helpful, and was able to answer questions knowledgeably and effectively.

This workshop has a lot of potential, hence the offering of these suggestions which might help it run more smoothly.

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Anonymous at 12:48 on 7 Nov 2015

This was good material but was WAY too short. I'm glad I didn't pay for the workshops.