Containerizing PHP Applications


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Lee Robert at 13:12 on 3 Nov 2016

Excellent talk! How would you handle things like MySQL passwords?

Andrew Cassell at 14:31 on 3 Nov 2016

Great overview of getting Docker setup for a dev environment.

A great intro to docker for someone like myself who'd only heard about it but never used it, shame not all of the demos worked but i took a lot away!

Andrew Caya at 21:31 on 4 Nov 2016

Great talk! Really liked the part on Docker Compose. Thanks!

Mohammad at 20:51 on 7 Nov 2016

A very gentle introduction to Docker containers, well suited for those who wanted to get to know it without any prior hands-on experience. It could have been more properly organized to better utilize the limited time frame, though.

The workshop that Josh gave had a very low barrier to entry and a very practical, spoken from experience approach.

He gave a thorough enough explanation of both Docker and Docker Compose to have a good starting point with both technologies with the occasional bit of knowledge related to running these technologies in production on a large scale application(s).

As a beginner to practically using containers I really enjoyed this approach.