Curing the Common Loop (with Collection Pipelines)


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I've been looking forward to this one. It was one of the talks that I definitely did not want to miss and I was more than happy that it not only lived up, but exceeded my expectations. The examples were very illustrative, the live coding demo was excellent, and the speaker is very confident and easy to follow.
I would definitely give it a try when writing new code (or refactoring old one) to use collections and mapping/filtering rather than good old loops.

Very interesting talk. I learned a lot and will certainly try to apply more of these functions now!

Mike Classic at 17:46 on 4 Nov 2016

Adam really has this talk down to a science. Good sense of humour, too.

I look forward to more of his talks, including the one tomorrow.

An excellent hands-on talk on how to apply FOO concepts to tidy up the codebase into a more readable and expressive manner. Fixing the primitive problem indeed!

Chris Brown at 07:14 on 5 Nov 2016

Adam's a great presenter!
This was a fast-paced talk that left us with two things: immediately usable tools to make our coding more expressive, and thought-provoking ideas to make us think more deeply about how we code and why.

Adam gave a fantastic talk on refactoring away from temporary variables, loops, and conditional statements towards higher order functions and collection pipelines. I found this talk to be applicable more to overall software design than to PHP alone which made the talk much more valuable.

Presentations like this that encourage PHP developers to look outside of our traditional perspectives to other languages and approaches are very important to keeping PHP a modern and viable language to develop software in.