Deep Dive Into Browser Performance


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Very interesting, thank you for pointing to useful tools.

Evert Pot at 16:05 on 5 Nov 2016

Very knowledgeable about the topic. It's a topic I care deeply about though, partially because I feel that by making slow applications you are effectively shutting out parts of the world that don't have great connections or powerful hardware.

Andrew Caya at 20:53 on 7 Nov 2016

Awesome talk on browser performance. Many thanks!

Mohammad at 21:29 on 7 Nov 2016

I expected nothing less from Ilia. Like his other insightful talks, this one was full of gotchas and aha moments. I cannot thank him enough for sharing his invaluable knowledge and know-how.

Milan Popovic at 16:56 on 12 Nov 2016

Awesome talk - I learned a lot from this presentation.