Grumpy And Funky Change The World


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An eye-opener talk! Even if one does not personally experience a problem addressed in the talk, it definitely makes you think about how you can try making the life of people around you (including your colleagues) at least a little bit easier by just having in mind what they may be going through. And that society and culture is what we make it, we should never consider it a constant.

Very moving talk!

Inspirational and moving. A must hear talk and story of triumph.

This should be a TED talk :) both inspirational and shows what changing your mindset to how can you help - can change the world

Also - making me get teary eyed ...

Mike Classic at 17:49 on 4 Nov 2016

Ed really shines here. What a talented speaker.

A very honest, candid talk about often overlooked but very important subject matter.

Andrew Caya at 20:26 on 7 Nov 2016

Thanks to Ed Finkler and Chris Hartjes for what they do for mental illness in the tech world.