Learn to Stop Wiring and Love Laravel's Container


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Evert Pot at 15:01 on 5 Nov 2016

Great talk. Definitely inspiring. Might want to tinker writing something like this myself.

Only small comment is that some of the fonts are just too big when sitting in front.

Beau gave a great talk on the various inversion of control implementations in the variety of modern PHP frameworks. I found it to be very approachable and the Laravel code samples really helped understand the tradeoffs between some of those implementations.

As Beau eludes to near the beginning of the talk the information that he presents is applicable to a broader software design perspective, not just to working with Laravel or other PHP frameworks.

Milan Popovic at 16:54 on 12 Nov 2016

Very good talk about speakers journey in using dependency injection. We found out much about Laravel container, why it is good and how to use to use it.