Mutation Testing With Humbug


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Chris Brown at 23:07 on 5 Nov 2016

Marc explained the pitfalls of relying on metrics such as "code coverage" as the sole indicator of having a reliable test suite, and the value of using mutation testing in order to point out potential gaps in one's test suite (highlighting alternate execution paths that deserve more tests).

While many of the examples used in this talk are very similar to those used in the official Humbug documentation, Marc used them effectively to explain how it works, and even did a live demo.

Marc's presentation style is confident and purposeful, with bits of humour and fun sprinkled throughout the talk.

Despite there being a small glitch (outside his control) in one of his live demo examples, he rolled with it and smoothly moved on to the next one.

I look forward to hearing more talks by Marc !

Milan Popovic at 16:51 on 12 Nov 2016

Clean, smooth talk, covering all the essential aspects of a topic with appropriate amount of details.