Test Driven Laravel


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Extremely easy to follow, well structured and informative talk, consisted mostly of live coding, which is great to illustrate the topic.

The speaker managed his time so well, that he was able to do intro to the whole TDD concept, do the live coding example, and even finish almost 20min earlier!

Josh Butts at 10:53 on 5 Nov 2016

Great live-coding demo of how to do both acceptance and unit tests in Laravel by someone who clearly knows this stuff inside and out.

Chris Brown at 11:35 on 5 Nov 2016

I'm a huge fan of Adam's willingness to tackle live coding ... in an app built from scratch, in front of an audience with standing-room only.

Adam has clearly invested a lot of energy in the TDD process and communicates its concepts effectively. I heard several people talking afterward about how much simpler TDD is than they had initially thought.

While I already practice many of the concepts Adam presented, I grabbed a few specific tips that will make my next project easier to get started. (I love the phpunit.xml use of environment vars to set up the in-memory sqlite db connection, instead of setting those in .env and database.php.)

Mike Classic at 21:44 on 5 Nov 2016

Adam continues to build on his reputation for polished, information-packed talks with impressive live coding demonstrations.

I was happy to see him demonstrate the concepts as shown in Growing Object-Oriented Software, As Guided By Tests. He also uses a language-agnostic approach when sourcing learning materials, and shared some of those resources at the end of his talk.

Andrew Caya at 20:38 on 7 Nov 2016

"Laravel is for web artisans" and we just saw one at work! Great keynote! Many thanks!

Milan Popovic at 16:43 on 12 Nov 2016

Really good live coding. You did it great - as good as your previous presentations.

Adam gave a fantastic talk on building a Laravel application from scratch using TDD. I found this talk to be very approachable for developers unfamiliar with the Laravel framework and it contained knowledge that was applicable to test-driven development in general.