Lets get together to learn some tips and tricks about composer. We will start with a brief explanation of why composer and move into how to composer. Then finally discuss some composer tricks that most developers dont use on the daily, but none the less are very powerful.

Room: 235



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Adam FUchs at 13:04 on 23 Jun 2017

Excellent information and tips. Some of it a bit over my head.

Eva Young at 14:30 on 24 Jun 2017

Good talk.

Gabe Ormsby at 10:52 on 26 Jun 2017

I enjoyed this talk. I have worked with composer some already, mostly just maintaining a composer.json file, and got a lot out of the presentation. One suggestion would be to start with an overview of a composer project and how the composer.json file fits into it. Diving right into sections of the file contents may have been disorienting to some without the bigger picture.