Learn about custom page layout and theming in Drupal 8. Review of popular options including Paragraphs, Panels, Blocks and custom Twig templates.

Room: 446



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Dan Moriarty (Speaker) at 11:09 on 24 Jun 2017

Add your suggestions and comment please!

Gabe Ormsby at 11:04 on 26 Jun 2017

This was an important topic and an ambitious undertaking to tackle it. I got a lot of helpful info and directions for further investigations from the presentation. One suggestion about approach: The topic is a big one, with a lot of material about different layout approaches, perhaps more than the hour allows for. Instead of the more demo-oriented parts (whether live or recorded), consider working through a matrix of assessments, pros and cons of each layout tool, and whether/how they can be considered competing/exclusive or complementary with other approaches (e.g. What Panels offers over core tools; should you use it together with or instead of core blocks.)

That said, this presentation was very helpful for me as I move into planning a move into Drupal 8.