Content Strategy for the Web, or Read My Lips(um)


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Great talk- lots of interesting info and some great slides. Thanks so much!

Excellent topics; looking forward to taking ideas back to web oversight committee.

Best in show, and I'm not even being remotely biased ;D The delivery, content, and slide design were all top notch.

Excellent presentation. Nice to hear a focused, and data driven approach to working with clients who have their own vision for what they want their website to look like. One of our graphic designers asked me the question after a researcher presented a colorful, overly active site as what she wanted her site to look like, "would she ever present herself [dress like] that to her peers?"

Nice change of perspective to look at things like 'mobile first' (for site organization), designing the home page last, doing usability tests to see what people actually came to the site to do. [thank you for]

How to communicate this to the client is still a challenge however, I now feel like I have more resources to support me in questioning what it is that the client really wants from their site.

Great presentation, with lots of specific strategies to improve the content our editors create. I learned more from this presentation than just about any other.