What’s That Building? Using Google’s Map API to Create a Campus Map


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enthusiasm + realistic approach = great presentation.

Excellent presentation, covers all the high level parts, especially data ownership/data stewardship.

Agree with most of the above. Presentation well done. A lot of info covered in a too little time (as is often the case). Still, it got me excited about trying out some of what this new Google technology has to offer (just hope I can find the time to try some of this stuff out). Will be looking for the slideshow for resources info.


I'm not sure what the anonymous commenter meant about FERPA. All of the data sets I mentioned in my slides were about real world public data - the location of parking, housing, dining, computer labs. It's already published on web sites and in PDFs by every campus in the UNC System. No student information is exposed in any way. The only theory I have is that the commenter was worried about geoloction. Current map geolocation APIs (not to be confused with location based services like Gowalla / Foursquare / Facebook) only shows the current user of a device to see the device's location (based on GPS, cell tower triangulation, or IP address), and only if you allow it. The functionality doesn't point out to anyone else that "student Jane is here now in this parking lot".

Good enthusiasm and openness about presentation including showing how others may or may not be ahead of the presenter's school! Good overview about Google Maps