Developers are like just humans


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I liked the idea of a "culture of questions"! Nice topic - well presented!

I thought it was a good keynote and also liked the idea of a culture of asking for help. It did not know the book but i allready think i am operating in a way where giving and asking for help is standard.

Anonymous at 15:52 on 18 Apr 2015

Great keynote with some very good points on helping others and asking for help. Good structure taking it from a general to a more personal level.
I already downloaded Amanda Palmer's book and am looking forward to reading it.

Askingfor help is probably the easiest way to solve problems but the hardest thing to do. Thanks for promoting a culture question

Very well delivered keynote. Very good combination of ideas of Amanda Palmer`s book brought into context of a developer. Conference organizers should definitely consider this as a keynote!

Great and well-structured keynote about an important topic. Bonus points for doing his very first keynote as a dutch in front of a german audience ;)

Anonymous at 17:42 on 19 Apr 2015

Thank you for this inspiring talk!

Really enjoyed this keynote. I totally can identify myself with the Keynote.

Great talk. Thanks a lot for that keynote speaker.