Journey Into Your Lizard Brain


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Just like last year, the unKonf's keynote was very inspiring. It touched a wide range of topics, from neuroscience to organizing teams, and made a lot of things fall into place (for me). Thanks Rafael!

I really like that talk. It was my first time that i had the chance to see Rafeal in live action. and it was really great.
Especially the future view and staying really touched me, cause we as humans are trained to refactor our own future, to be better, stronger and richer then some one else.
One point that i missed in the cicle of learning, practice and so on is: participating on open source projects. In my case i got an incredible boost when starting to work on the Symfony-CMF. I have learned that much.

Great and inspiring talk, thank you!

Very inspiring keynote, very well delivered. I am thankful that Rafael shared this very personal story with us.

Anonymous at 18:56 on 18 Apr 2016

Rafaels keynote managed to put things into perspective. Thank you for sharing both your your insights and your very touching personal story with us.

Liked this one as it set the tone for the rest of the #unkonf, and also liked the personal touch and learnings from it.

Claudio at 11:19 on 19 Apr 2016

This is how a Keynote Talk should look like. Not only by the topic but also because it has a personal touch to bring the content and the speaker as well close to the audience. Developers should join more often to non tech talks because they should always see that not only knowledge is important for our job, but also soft skills and experience that can be converted to our daily work.