What you need besides development skills


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Awesome keynote with very important points.

Great keynote. A good reminder to be aware of certain bad behaviors

A great keynote!

Michelangelo van Dam at 17:47 on 12 Oct 2019

A very inspiring, well presented keynote

unknown user at 20:32 on 12 Oct 2019

Inspiring and well prepared. Thank you :)

Niels Theen at 23:43 on 12 Oct 2019

Great talk. Would recommend to everybody who works in tech industry

Brilliant keynote with a lot of good insights on what you skills you need as a developer besides the coding skills. Very well presented, very good flow and big thanks for switching to English on short notice.

Definitly a speaker & a talk conferences should keep an eye on.

Very inspiring and really well presented :)

Daniel Ruf at 23:13 on 13 Oct 2019

An awesome keynote which perfectly describes the needed soft skills as a developer which are more important than the hard skills.

I wish more people would see this talk. Also great slides!

Claudio at 22:03 on 16 Oct 2019

Great talk where I had to agree based on experience on many mentioned topics about working together and softskills. Plus: Buffy animations in slides. :-)