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Michelangelo van Dam at 20:18 on 12 Oct 2019

Interesting talk and good concepts presented.

One tip for the presenter: please do not speak to the screen behind you, it was a bit hard to understand what you were saying.

Ich musste so oft bei diesem Vortrag nicken. So viel Wissen aus Erfahrung und guten Quellen. Mega!

Niels Theen at 23:47 on 12 Oct 2019

Sehr cooler Talk! Aufgrund der Akustik des Raums teilweise etwas schwer zu verstehen

Mark Baker at 11:57 on 14 Oct 2019

Even with my very small understanding of German, I understood enough to know that the content of the talk was good; but I'd echo Michelangelo's comment about speaking to the screen, which did make it more difficult listening, and disengages from the audience