The browsers can actually take control of physical devices in the real world like lightbulbs, robots and even drones by providing new web standard hardware connectivity APIs such as WebBluetooth, WebUSB, NFC and etc. On the other hand, Progressive web apps opens a new era to build a web application that works offline and resemble a native application. Hence, everyday we are getting closer to run a web app only on browsers that doesn't need to be install from any app store and it will take control of hardwares around us. In this session, I am going through some of the web capabilities to connect devices into a progressive web app which has been build but Vue.js and show how web could go beyond the browsers and take control of our devices around us.


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Cadoro G at 16:12 on 12 Apr 2019

Very interesting topic

niccord at 16:13 on 12 Apr 2019

Just one word: stunning!