With almost 6k GitHub stars, vibrant community of more than 2000 developers, 40+ partner agencies and hackathons happening every few weeks all around the world (New York, Tel Aviv, Germany, Netherlands to name a few) organized by companies like Tom Tailor, Vue Storefront is currently the most popular Open Source eCommerce Storefront in the world! We came a long way. Started 3 years ago as all-in-one heavy-weight solution with our own plugin system, Redis caching, custom Server Side Rendering and specific deployment strategies. Now we’re in process of moving to much lighter architecture. Core of our software which previously was enormously huge codebase right now is just a set of TypeScript interfaces ensuring that all parts of the systems are working correctly with each other. Everything else is based on Nuxt.js and modular pluggable integrations written in Composition API. If you’re curious: - how we built such a successful open source project from scratch in just 2 years - what challenges we needed to face (scalability, extendibility etc) and how Vue helped us with them - why we choose Vue and how it’s helping us to be ahead of others in the industry who choose to use React for their solutions - what architectural decisions we made to and how they evolved - How we moved from gigantic monolithic architecture to fully modular and lightweight solution with Compositon API This is a talk for you!


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