We created Vue Storefront for one purpose - to simplify eCommerce frontend development and make it enjoyable. We wanted to create a single framework for all major eCommerce platforms that will allow developers to work with modern tech stack and enjoyable APIs no matter which platform they're using. We came a long way to achieve that goal. Started 3 years ago as all-in-one heavy-weight solution with our own plugin system, Redis caching, custom Server Side Rendering, and specific deployment strategies. It was a major simplification over typical eCommerce frontend but still far from the Developer Experience of modern frontend tooling. At the end of last year, we decided to do a rewrite of a whole platform and base it on Composition API and Nuxt.js... and the effect was far beyond our expectations! We managed to drastically simplify our APIs, cut down the public API surface more than 70%, and make the framework much more flexible, fitting in almost any environment from a large-scale eCommerce project to a simple product widget on a private website. If that sounds to you like a pitchy catchphrase from a landing page you're absolutely right - except its's truth! It wasn't sunshine and rainbows though - we were one of the first large-scale projects in the world to implement Composition API in Nuxt and we had to deal with a lot of early adopters issues. If you're curious how we used Nuxt and Composition API to simplify Vue Storefront and what challenges we faced don't miss my talk! I guarantee a lot of meat and interesting use cases!


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Nice and with some examples =]