It is important to reach every last customer, but there are a lot of customers out there for whom the web is not an easy quick-stop. Your target audience contains people who need visual or motor assistance whether they have a specific condition that affects them or are just part of the very large and aging Baby Boomer generation. Learn some tips for evaluating the accessibility of your site, and find out how to broaden your site's appeal while making the web a more accessible place for everyone.


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Oscar Merida at 14:42 on 20 Sep 2018

Great job making the case for accessibility and how many people are affected. I never know what tools are available and this presentation covers them well. I would have liked more screenshots of some of the tools you mentioned or even a direct roadmap for getting started. That is, use tool X to start with, then use Y to address these other things, etc...

This talk did a really great job of covering why accessibility is important, followed by a huge dump of valuable resources.

One thing that really stood out was the practical use of slides to demonstrate a point — one slide had text with varying contrast levels, while another showed a broken layout due to text scaling. This really elegantly demonstrated common issues without resorting to firing up a browser.