This tutorial will explore Vue JS in depth by building a Single Page App. We'll start with a simple PHP (Laravel) application and convert it into a Vue SPA. In the process we will cover a variety of topics: - Using Laravel Mix to simplify project setup - Vue basics - syntax, directives, control structures, reactivity, etc - Templating options, single-file Vue components - Application structure & parent-child component communication - Vue Router - Transitions - State management with Vuex Familiarity with Vue JS will be helpful but not necessary. Experience with JavaScript is a must.


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This was a pretty great walkthrough with Vue for the beginner and really helped to show how an existing application can benefit.

Tim Lytle at 10:41 on 21 Sep 2018

A great overview, with very good pacing for a workshop. I was impressed to learn this was not just his first workshop, but first conference talk.

David Quon at 09:41 on 24 Sep 2018

Good overview of VueJS. I felt like some of the topics required previous Vue / JS knowledge. Might have benefited from taking it from a PHP perspective. Overall though good talk and was also surprised it was Daniel's first talk as it was definitely not noticeable.