Executing PHP from the command line enables us to interact with our applications in new and interesting ways: from performing site maintenance to scaffolding new projects, CLI tools like WP-CLI, Artisan, and Drush make it easy to interface with our code without ever opening a browser. Attendees will be introduced to popular PHP CLI tools and their default capabilities. We'll discuss characteristics of good CLI scripts, strong use-cases for writing custom commands, then write several CLI programs across different platforms.


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Ian Guinn at 10:44 on 20 Sep 2018

Very fast discussion of CLI interfaces. great for developers that have never used the cmd line.

Oscar Merida at 10:45 on 20 Sep 2018

Excellent overview for writing command line scripts useful for different contexts. I would have preferred seeing the code example earlier but that may just be a personal preference.

Jesse D at 11:00 on 20 Sep 2018

Lots of references and shout-outs for frameworks, like the breadth of the talk.

Great overview of basic PHP development for the command line

David Quon at 09:51 on 24 Sep 2018

Great PHP CLI overview. Good scope and pace.

Lance at 10:24 on 25 Sep 2018

For anyone writing migration (or any long-lived) scripts, this was a great primer. Very useful explanations and light introduction to some libs that help.