S.O.L.I.D. are a popular set of Object Oriented Programming principles aimed to help you write more extensible, maintainable code. But how close do you follow any of these principles? Join this session and learn the concepts behind SOLID, and how to take advantage OO practices (low coupling, high cohesion, and strong encapsulation) to help you write code that is easier to read, understand, and maintain.


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Tim Lytle at 10:52 on 21 Sep 2018

Good overview of SOLID principles. I think more real-world example code would have been helpful - more like the model class example, and less of the standard OOP animal examples.

Oscar Merida at 15:07 on 21 Sep 2018

good walk through of all the principles. I think a real-world example or highlighting PHP packages who demonstrate one of the principles would better reinforce the concepts.

David Quon at 10:11 on 24 Sep 2018

Good overview of SOLID. Covered well what was specified in the objective.