Want to share your love of programming with a child in your life or in your neighborhood, but aren't sure where to start? We'll cover some of the great programs, toys, games, and apps out there to help kids of all ages get started with programming concepts and coding. We'll discuss what is developmentally appropriate for various age groups and introduce you to some great educational organizations as well. Share your joy with the next generation!


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Oscar Merida at 09:52 on 21 Sep 2018

This talk covered a lot of games and toys to help kids learn to code. I can definitely see getting one of these for my kids.

Enjoyed this a lot. I I had not heard of most of these tools and products, and I am now interested in ways I can bring some of these into my home. I think one thing that would have made this presentation perfect would be some kind of demo.

Tim Lytle at 10:46 on 21 Sep 2018

Great talk covering the programs / apps / toys / games / books that can help teach programming concepts to a younger audience. Very helpful in giving an understanding of what's out there, and in what ways they can be used.

A great overview of some of the newer toys and games designed to instill understanding of programming fundamentals for children. I have a feeling that I'll be acquiring a fair amount of these in the next few years ;)