Contribute to Open Source! Everyone tells you that you need to. What if you don't want to run an Open Source project? What if you just need something to work? What if you just want to use Open Source, can you still make a contribution? Of course you can! In this talk we will look at three broad groupings of roles that you can play in any Open Source project. Take a look around, find your role and your project and make a difference.


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Ian Guinn at 10:25 on 20 Sep 2018

very passionate about the PHP culture.

Jesse D at 11:01 on 20 Sep 2018

High-energy discussion, love Cal's passion

Jim Shannon at 14:55 on 20 Sep 2018

Great. Enjoy Cal's presentations every time.

Great way to kick off the conference an invigorate the desire to learn and participate in the conference.

Aimee Doggett at 11:03 on 21 Sep 2018

Really enjoyed the groupie, roadie, rockstar comparison to the technical roles we all play!

Andy Snell at 10:46 on 22 Sep 2018

Another keynote knocked out of the park by Cal.

John Congdon at 13:51 on 22 Sep 2018

Great idea for a keynote. I heard from various people that started identifying with one group or another.

David Quon at 09:44 on 24 Sep 2018

A perfect keynote not just for PHP but anything OSS! Really enjoyed the talk and left motivated and Ready to Rock (or maybe it was just to help with the soundcheck). Regardless very good talk and something we could all identify with.

Lance at 10:21 on 25 Sep 2018

Truly inspirational. Entertaining and informative at the same time. I could listen to this guy for hours.