Chatbots can be a helpful way to provide or gather information from users in an interactive format and building your own chatbot might be easier than you think. This session will cover how to use PHP to create chatbots that can be interacted with through text or voice over SMS, Slack, Facebook Messenger and more.


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Full of great examples and use-cases, this is one of those talks that makes you want to skip the rest of the conference to go hack on chatbots.

Ian Littman at 11:45 on 20 Sep 2018

Presenter apparently cut out slides shortly before they presented, so some information (e.g. Dialogflow IDs and contexts) were missing. Delivery was also a bit rough, with a bit too much time spent setting up the answer to "what is a bot", when that time could've been allocated to getting more in-depth on Dialogflow/Telegram/BotMan.

Would've been interesting to see the meetup version of the talk, which was apparently a bit more than double the length and included live coding examples. My guess is that that version was a bit more dynamic, to the point that you could build a version with some live coding and quicker, more implementation-heavy slides, that would run about an hour.

This was a very interesting presentation, and the content was very useful. Marcus also has an presentation style that is easy to understand and connect with. The presentation does need a little more polish to fit the time slot better and ease the anxiety. :-)

Marcus had such great content - this was the talk I was most excited to see and it definitely lived up to my expectations. I cannot wait to go back and start building a chat bot now.

I think by the next time Marcus does this presentation, he'll have some of the kinks worked out and he'll be super confident,and blow us all away :)

TJ Miller at 13:44 on 21 Sep 2018

I thought the content was great! I learned about some services and techniques that can really enhance the quality of a chatbot.

I think there some first-time jitters but would absolutely watch Marcus give another presentation!