In 1969, researchers at Stanford and UCLA collaborated to transmit the first message over what would become the Internet. In just five decades, the repercussions of that moment have echoed through every atom of society. The world is evolving at a pace unprecedented in human history as we use technology to change how we think, learn, communicate, and even how we understand ourselves. Let’s take an inside look at how the fusion of media and technology is reinventing human interaction and the role that we, as engineers and technologists, must play in this important process.


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A brilliant and extremely important look at ethics in computing as computers approach and exceed human intelligence.

David Quon at 10:32 on 24 Sep 2018

Good introspective talk on the ethics and responsibility we all hold. The pacing was a little slow which made it feel a bit rushed to conclude at the end since it ran a bit long. Overall I think the general take was correct although a little bit harsh which I think was the intention to realize that what we do are more than just bits in memory.