One of the first challenges of moving your workloads to the Cloud is figuring out which three major flavors of computing technology to use: virtual machines, containers, or what is being called serverless. Each of these tools has its niche, its hype, and its downside. This session will tour application scenarios, discuss how each technology would handle them, discuss peculiar workloads, consider the tradeoffs, and leave you with recommendations for which one to pick.


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Great talk on VM, Containers and serverless, with useful demos and comparisons.

Very nice presentation with interesting demos. Anyone making architecture decisions could greatly benefit regardless of which vendor they use.

Lance at 11:05 on 25 Sep 2018

Terry was very very good. His demos using GCP were impressive. He is a Google employee, but was able to stay unbiased which is refreshing. I hope he is correct about serverless eventually winning the day.