Inside the Sausage Factory: A Journey from PHP to C


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The start of this talk would likely have made my experience with C so much better than it was. It demystified some things for me that definitely helped with my understanding of not just PHP's internals but C in general. I was expecting more anecdotal stories about learning C as a PHP developer but digging into the structures and internals of PHP was useful as well.

Fun talk. Thank you.

Anonymous at 07:09 on 19 Sep 2013

The talk had good structure, taking you from raw C to showing how the PHP Core provides lots of structure to extension authors. Because of the overview, I feel like I could dive into developing PHP extensions if I needed to. I know where to start, where to get help, and I can understand the gist of the c code.

It would be helpful to know under what circumstances it would be useful to write custom php extensions. Obviously a database driver would be a good candidate for an extensions, but are there other cases I would need to consider?

Tons of good information in this talk. It *almost* made me want to do some C programming.