The web has changed! Users spend more time on mobile than on desktops and expect to have an amazing user experience on both. APIs are the heart of the new web as the central point of access data, encapsulating logic and providing the same data and same features for desktops and mobiles. In this workshop, Paula and Antonio will show you how to create complex APIs in an easy and quick way using API Platform built on Symfony.


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PC at 17:01 on 30 Aug 2017

topic would has been interesting, but presentation itself wasn't that good. speakers spoke too fast - even after indicate the problem to them - and monotone. got better after the coffee break, but too late to be on track with the topic. tasks were mostly just copying parts from one file to another, no time to think about the tasks for your self. changing git branches resulted in doing things more than once (copying secrets, ...) and there were no hints in the slides for having to do that.