Building highly available and fault tolerant sites on a budget


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Although I'm not a developer or system administrator, I did enjoy the talk because the speaker was eloquent and interesting.

Great 'on a budget' talk!

Nicely done. While I'm not sure you should only rely on free tools for your professional work, I liked the Sentry reference, since it's a really neat application.

It was a relatively high level overview, but it was definitely suitable for developers.

(Sorry, wrong talk and I can't seem to edit it)

This touched quite a lot of topics and managed to get a good balance between breadth and depth. While it wouldn't have shown admins too much new stuff, it felt right for developers.

Very good talk with lots of first–hand experience and comparison of different services and approaches. I'd say it's a must see (video) for small teams who build websites and apps for 6+ digit number of users.