Being a remote developer


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Igor Benic at 00:10 on 30 Oct 2016

Great talk about working as a remote developer. Really important to understand if that is something you want to do.

Dario Daic at 14:25 on 30 Oct 2016

If you, or someone in your near circles, is contemplating about "going remote" you have to listen to the talk.
Miro explains in 25 mins more then one can find out about the subject by reading a 300p book.
All the information handpicked, distilled and presented effectively by someone who's been (and is) there.

Great stuff!

Thank you for great talk, and sharing useful advices for being remote dev.

Great tips about remote work. Also nice presentation skills.

Robert Basic at 13:48 on 31 Oct 2016

Miro did a great job with this talk! The best talk of the conference for me. Subject, slides, presentation pace, delivery, the language... Everything was superb!

Jovo Milanovic at 07:49 on 1 Nov 2016

You have a lot of materials, I would say bibles about remote work, aaaaand... you have Miro's talk - useful part of all that. Really good one here.