Client Experience Design


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Ines Simicic at 13:09 on 28 Oct 2016

Great talk and tips how to approach solving problems *together* with client. Probably most important and often forgotten is to detach. Surely we would all benefit more from becoming senior person. Share educational links about it if you have some :) Also, it would help to add title to each slide, I was lost for a moment. As you said, we have poor memory and I forgot the plan when you showed the next slide :D I hope you'll create and share some blog posts about the topic, it's less consuming than book :)

Nela Dunato at 13:19 on 28 Oct 2016

Wonderful talk. Pushing the buttons & boundaries of creative professionals used to the old school way of doing design/dev.

Igor Benic at 00:02 on 30 Oct 2016

Really great examples on how to even change your own approach with new and old clients. As a developer myself, I could see how those design tips can even be used for development.

Loved the funny gifs that started each new section of the presentation.

I was waiting long time to hear you live and it was worth it. Great speech, presentation, topic, guides, everything... Will definitely check all one more time when videos are up