Event Sourcing: the good, the bad and the complicated


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Really glad to see you mention how to help explain things to business-y types. Funny & informative!

Excelent speaker and interesting subject

To the point and with answers to all my questions. Would have liked a workshop though :)

Marco Pivetta (Speaker) at 22:41 on 28 Oct 2016

@Marin I do workshops for companies - that's what pays my bills after all ;-)

Marco Perone at 22:52 on 28 Oct 2016

Great topic, nice speaker, really interesting to see both the good and the bad parts coming from real experience on the field

Bruno Hemar at 11:56 on 29 Oct 2016

One of the best talks on the conference

Mario Krišto at 00:32 on 30 Oct 2016

Really inspiring talk and topic. I liked that you made an effort to advocate against complexity often introduced way to early into systems (e.g. your little rant about microservices, the fact that your're using postgresql as message queue, etc)

Ajda Mari? at 15:36 on 30 Oct 2016

Straightforward and experience-based.

Robert Basic at 13:26 on 31 Oct 2016

Great stuff as always from Marco, a very big bonus that the entire talk and examples revolve around an existing project Marco is working on.

Srdjan Vranac at 15:32 on 1 Nov 2016

Great subject, real world examples that bring clarity to the usual obscureness of the topic, great delivery