Things I was unprepared for as a lead developer


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Andy Martin at 14:02 on 29 Oct 2016

Funny and emotional talk about what is really required to manage wetware.

Igor Benic at 00:05 on 30 Oct 2016

One of the top talks I have attended. I always imagined a lead developer to be a girl/guy who decides about development technologies and leads the team by also being a mentor to them. This really opened my eyes about how much more a lead developer does.

Great tips on how to give yourself time to also do some coding when you are a lead developer :)

Nela Dunato at 08:14 on 30 Oct 2016

The talk was pretty much everything I expected. Turns out that the challenges of being in a management position are very similar to the challenges of freelancers/small businesses owners. Great insights about the team dynamics and company culture. A highly valuable talk for every ambitious developer.

Dario Daic at 14:29 on 30 Oct 2016

Good talk with a plenty of important points based on experience. The tempo was a little to slow to my taste but the presentation was excellent.

I particularly loved the fact that the story is given from the perspective of a developer who stepped up to a managerial
position, which makes it much more interesting for an audience of developers.

Ajda Mari? at 15:11 on 30 Oct 2016

Nice talk, not too pretentious.
Just didn't like long pauses, they make it hard to keep up with the talk and maintain full concentration.

Miro Svrtan at 22:48 on 30 Oct 2016

Great talk, speaker was not only engaged but inspiring the crowd. Good stories from the trenches to keep the talk entertaining and practical.

I love soft talks of this kind cause it's really hard to find material on this things and being a developer/engineer is IMHO much more then just coding.

For me, the only confusing thing is that I believe that position was more of a team manager not team leader (which does point towards how broken our job title systems are :) ).

Humorous, nicely-paced and useful

Neven Mun?ar at 09:55 on 31 Oct 2016

Great talk, great pacing, and as others have said, a lot of very useful and insightful info.

Robert Basic at 13:40 on 31 Oct 2016

A nice talk about what awaits us in the land of the managers, but a bit too slow for my taste. 45 minutes seems way too much for this talk.

As this was great talk I would like to share it within company. During the conference it was said that videos materials will be available. Anyone knows how to get those? I expected to see those in joind.