This talk is about naming things (modules, classes, methods, properties, variables) properly in order to improve code quality.


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Janko Marohnic at 15:29 on 6 Oct 2017

Very entertaining and easy to follow. Speaking itself could’ve been clearer, though.

Monotone. Presenter skipped a few slides, making it look like he didn’t prepare well.

Željko Brkić at 15:33 on 6 Oct 2017


Tomislav Raseta at 15:34 on 6 Oct 2017

Interesting topic with good examples but poor presentation timing, I think speaker had much more to say on the topic at hand.

Pawel Lewtak (Speaker) at 18:10 on 6 Oct 2017

I didn't have enough time to show everything I prepared, just a few minutes short. That's why I had to skip a few slides.
If you want to ask something and know more feel free to do so, I'll be still around today and tomorrow.

Great topic and clean presentation. Some of the slides I really really wanted to see were skipped, I wanted more details about certain areas, but I understand there was a time limit.

Although I already knew most of the content, it was still a nice talk. One thing I was missing was the discussion about naming files and classes after what they are. For example "UserInterface" or just "User". At least in PHP these things are discussed a lot :)

Very interesting talk. Though the speaker was hard to understand at times.

Ivan Vrtarić at 20:18 on 7 Oct 2017

Interesting and entertaining talk, despite the topic being well-known and well-discussed

Sven Kapudija at 20:40 on 7 Oct 2017

Entertaining at times (data & data2 being worst variable names ?), however, expected a bit more - there were many practical advices which I believe would make more sense if it were assembled within single example which at start was improperly named and then through presentation we arrive at this nicely-named example with all the reasons why it is. Having it presented like this felt like all over the place, some cohesion would be better.