In this talk you’ll get an intro to CSS Grid and learn how it changes pretty much everything when it comes to layouts on the web.


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Rated 5

Antonio Klaric at 10:31 on 7 Oct 2017

Very interesting and amusing talk.

Rated 5

Željko Brkić at 10:34 on 7 Oct 2017

Very interesting and cool presentation! The best so far ☺

Awewome and enlightening! True paradigm shift.

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Stjepan Majdak at 10:58 on 7 Oct 2017

Great, informative and entertaining talk.

Rated 5

Pero Peric at 10:59 on 7 Oct 2017


Interesting, on the point, very well presented.

Excellent talk for current CSS amateurs, but layout pros

Rated 5

Irena Popovic at 11:08 on 7 Oct 2017

excellent speaker and talk

Just awesome.

The speaker is entertaining by himself. The subject is very well explained with plentiful examples, animations, and diagrams. I would highly recommend this talk to anybody.

Great talk

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Ivan Čurić at 11:16 on 7 Oct 2017

Marry me.

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Mihael Tomic at 12:00 on 7 Oct 2017

I think that this could easily be the best keynote on WebCamp ever (or from my first visit 4-5 years ago ?)

Mind. Blown. Much wow. :)

Others said it all ;)

Rated 5

Barbara Eržen at 18:52 on 7 Oct 2017

Very nice presentation, useful informations, fun.

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Ivan Vrtarić at 19:44 on 7 Oct 2017

Excellent introduction to CSS grids, funny and entertaining presentation.

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Sven Kapudija at 20:47 on 7 Oct 2017

Morten did a wonderful job presenting the CSS grid paradigm shift! I believe that if topic were any different, the presentation would still blow everyone away because Morten does it with such an ease and comfort. Overall - great presentation and even better presenter ? Great job!

Rated 5

Jenny Shen at 23:07 on 7 Oct 2017

Morten is a hilarious and very engaging speaker. I loved the Kahoot game and it's a great idea, although I lost very badly. :) The topic is well explained with abundant examples and makes me want to try CSS grids myself although I don't do much front-end in my daily work. This is my personal fav talk of the conference.

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Emil Nahal at 01:24 on 8 Oct 2017

Great talk!

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Davor Tomic at 10:11 on 8 Oct 2017

This is how you do a talk! You tell a story, provide new insights and learnings and then back it all up with examples. Absolutely brilliant!

Best talk of the whole conference, IMHO.

I have to say, best talk of the conference. Morten did a great job in entertaining all the crowd and also the topic was very interesting. Also the little game before was amazing :-) Thx Morten!

Rated 5

Josip Stuhli at 09:42 on 10 Oct 2017

Don't care about CSS, but surprisingly, the talk was interesting and informative.