The sad state of software design, how it's ruining our lives instead of making them better, and how to fix it.


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Lucija Frkovic at 16:17 on 6 Oct 2017

Best talk of the day, even if very depressive.

Interesting angle and a good talk.

Excellent topic, comical and tragical at the same time. Funny and engaging approach, interwoven with pop culture references. Best talk of the day for sure. My only objection is that it raises more question than it answers, and there isn't really a one-for-all, simple solution possible. More of a social commentary on the state of things.

It was very entertaining and had a lot of variety through many examples. I don’t see how the problem is specific to software, new tools will always make us less capable to use the old tools. Socrates was also complaining about young generations, so I believe that discussion is as old as time. I was expecting a positive spin or more practical advice, some kind of a takeaway (I’m reviewing this late, so I might have forgotten). But the speaker is definitely right about these things and I enjoyed the talk.

Barbara Eržen at 18:50 on 7 Oct 2017

Very inspiring

Sven Kapudija at 20:45 on 7 Oct 2017

Quite interesting (and entertaining!) presentation with interesting angle on the topic of simplifying software to a point where "one button does all the things". Although the topic itself is for a larger debate (as intended), Goran did a great job of providing the reasons why he thinks the way he does with some real-world examples. Overall - great and intriguing talk!

Davor Tomic at 10:06 on 8 Oct 2017

Goran is a seasoned designer and a great speaker! This talk was again very nicely prepared and passionately delivered. But not so much well researched, IMHO. Some of the correlations, not to even speak about causalities, felt far-fetched at best.

Generalisations were immense and hard to agree with. A lot of criticism - mostly pointed towards millennials - but not much of it constructive, sadly. While I concurred with Goran that we should not aspire to make our designs "addictive" in any way, but rather useful and beneficial to our end users, no examples of possible solutions were offered.

Antonio Peric at 19:00 on 8 Oct 2017

This should be a closing key note. Best talk at conference

While I agreed with the overall notion of the talk and loved how it was presented, I would have appreciated a little more sensitivity relating some topics (for example, "save spaces").

The talk felt, especially after thinking and talking about it afterwards, one-sided. Sure, there are people out there who are harmed by technology and the way it's presented to us. But there are also many great examples of people who are enabled by technology and get into it because of the easy interface, but just don't stop there.

I also would have liked some constructive ideas on how to solve these problems.

Anonymous at 11:36 on 10 Oct 2017

Best talk at the conference.