From better, more concise code and more persuasive emails to clients and colleagues, to documentation that other developers will want to read and better blog posts that will truly show our expertise - writing is an essential skill that every developer can use to succeed in their career.


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Jenny Shen at 22:02 on 6 Oct 2017

Liked: Ivan asked each one of our goals and struggles in writing, which helped to formulate his workshop a bit. We were asked to write an article without any prior prep because it's the real scenario for journalists. I thought it was fun experience to be a journalist for an afternoon. I really liked how he gave us feedback on the spot and highlighted things we did well and didn't do well in our writing. The feedback was very useful. The Q&A session was great too - he provided lots of knowledge as an insider in the publishing industry. The 4 hours flew by and I would recommend it to anyone in the tech industry that wants to get better at or start writing.
Didn't like so much: The slides were in Croatian which I couldn't follow, tho Ivan explained them in English too, I would have liked to read examples and slides in English.

Sven Kapudija at 20:22 on 7 Oct 2017

Went in with expectations to get better at writing emails, proposals, blog posts or any other business communication and was not disappointed.

Although all of your writing skills could be (and were) summarized into "writing is simply - work" it helped to get few tips & tricks to get ahead, either with practical tips around writing (structure etc.) or motivational (why write, how often etc.). Ivan did a great job at reviewing our on-the-spot written articles, however I would appreciate if next time he was a bit more critical/"harsh" in giving out the feedback :)

All in all, you can definitely learn a thing or two (or more!) from Ivan ?