Learn to do the right thing the right way, using DDD


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I have yet to see someone waste more post-it's then this workshop. Everything should point to actually learning how to make your code more DDD friendly and that part of the workshop was on 2 power point slides that were displayed for 2minutes. I had 0 idea how to do final exercise. So for next time, please skip 3h long post-it game since it's pointless and make all that content 10 minutes long. Then there will be more time to actually make something. Well actually I would be satisfied with just seeing some examples. Also I will copy/paste title of workshop just to make it more clear - "A practical introduction to Domain Driven Design (C#)". Notice C#? Last example was in PHP. ONLY PIECE of code shown was in PHP.

Pim Elshoff (Speaker) at 14:19 on 10 Oct 2018

Thanks for being there, sorry I couldn’t connect to you