General overview of the current page load front-end optimization landscape.


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Nice talk

Interesting, useful, applicable... I've learned some new things! Good job Krešimir.

A concise examination of front-end optimisation techniques, presented clearly by a good speaker. Just the right amount of material considering the duration of the talk. Not an easy thing to achieve considering the broadness of the subject matter, but the speaker managed to do it, and did it well.

Ante Tomić at 18:30 on 7 Oct 2018

Great talk. This topic is usually very hard to fit into ~20 minutes available, but more conceptual presentation with a few examples was a very good idea and anyone who is inerested in a topic can check more about it later.

Doug Sillars at 01:10 on 8 Oct 2018

Very good talk, covering a high level overview of web performance. With a 25 minute time, the breadth was just right.

Good talk with good examples.

I just wish that we've managed to tackle some of the serious problems like analytics scripts and similar stuff (not to say, but most of the examples are listed in page speed tools recommendations ;) ). Other than that, clean and concise talk fitted to the short time span :)