Oftenly mistaken for a purely aesthetic element color has the most immediate and direct psychological impact on experiences


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Janez Čadež at 12:53 on 11 Oct 2019

Pretty slides, great UX examples, in-depth review of design concepts. Good job.

Interesting, well-structured and educational talk.

Matea Tomic at 11:53 on 13 Oct 2019

Slides looked amazing, presentation was interesting and well structured. Bonus points for interaction with the audience. Awesome talk!

Irja Straus at 20:30 on 13 Oct 2019

It's obvious from the talk that Ivana is a real unicorn :O I love this topic and how it was presented to us. Great work!

Vedran Rodić at 13:36 on 14 Oct 2019

Very informative talk on the role of color in modern web design.

Helena at 17:21 on 14 Oct 2019

Great presentation, the topic was interesting and delightfuly represented. It was informative and used good examples of real world use, so we could visualise how color could be (mis)used.