Crash course in how authentication and authorization goes bad, and what can we do to fix it...


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Jaka Gačić at 16:15 on 11 Oct 2019

Great talk!

Ivan Oštrić at 16:16 on 11 Oct 2019

Excellent and informational talk! 👍👍👍

Adnan Rahic at 16:20 on 11 Oct 2019

Passionate, and incredibly knowledgeable speaker. Awesome talk.

Great talk for every dev that likes to turn the head the other way when it gets to security.

Orest Kulik at 19:56 on 12 Oct 2019

The author seemed knowledgable on the subject of IT security, that's a given. I was personally a bit lost at moments in the sheer number of presented information and I wished the focus of the presentation was more narrow - that crash course really made my brain crash! If nothing else, immediately after the talk I changed my eBay SMS OTP to a different type.

Vedran Rodić at 16:24 on 14 Oct 2019

This talk was packed with useful information.

A great talk with lots of relevant information.