Fast JavaScript web applications backed with Node.js


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Anonymous at 11:01 on 21 May 2012

Two words - web application.

The future of web lies in the browser. That's what Google said at Google I/O 2011. And thats what Mariusz proved with his presentation.

I was among people who doesn't understand why node.js is intresting solution for building web app. Really, javascript on backend? Seriously??

What I saw and heard, changing my all thinking. JS may have it's momentum, but what Mariusz presented was an actually web app in the browser. And it made sense. Some may say, it's not for massive solution, but there are areas where you don't need to use massive and scalable applications. Sometimes you need a thing that fits in your browser, that is fast and easy to use.

Plus it's well engineered. First thing I did after this presentation was to find everything on web Mariusz talked about to know more, more more :)

Great job Mariusz, and great presentation.